February 9, 2024

How much is the Sanremo festival worth? An economic analysis of Italy’s most popular festival

The Sanremo Festival 2024 proves to be not only a cultural event of great appeal but also a significant economic driver, with an impact that goes far beyond the Ariston stage. With more than 400 employees and an attendance of 180,000 people, the festival generated an estimated €56 million in advertising revenue for Rai, marking an increase over previous years. The event stimulated the local economy through tourism and hospitality, with hotels selling out and accommodation prices rising. The artists and presenters involved in the festival enjoy unparalleled visibility, with significant estimated fees reflecting the importance and prestige of the event. Audience interest remains very high, with a large audience following the Festival across different platforms. In summary, Sanremo proves to be an event of great economic and cultural value for Italy.
February 2, 2024

Is Tesla becoming cheap?

Against the backdrop of increasing competition in the electric car sector, Tesla is preparing to launch 'Redwood', an affordable electric vehicle planned for mid-2025. With its estimated starting price of $25,000, this model aims to make electric mobility accessible to a broader segment of consumers. This strategy marks a marked change from the Model 3, the cheapest option currently offered by Tesla, and is a direct response to competition from manufacturers such as BYD. The 'Redwood' initiative complements innovative projects such as the Robotaxi, suggesting an expansion of Tesla's product portfolio to meet different mobility needs. With these moves, Tesla is not only consolidating its presence in the electric vehicle market, but also paving the way for a future in which the electric car is within everyone's reach, marking a potential turning point in the transition to clean energy.