April 12, 2024

FGN Consulting on Forbes Italy!

Forbes Italy highlighted FGN Consulting, a company specialising in financial consulting and marketing founded by Francesco Noto in 2017. The article highlights the company's rapid rise, its commitment to innovation and successful partnerships that have led to significant increases in turnover. The founder's passion for art, integrating culture and business, is also highlighted. The final invitation is to read the full article in Forbes Italia to learn more about the success and services of FGN Consulting.
April 5, 2024

FGN lands at the Fuorisalone of the Milan Design Week 2024

The 2023 edition of the Fuorisalone marked a turning point for Milan, attracting 400,000 visitors and setting records for online participation with over 900 events. FGN Consulting announces its presence at the 2024 DESIGN SOCIETY event, demonstrating its commitment to promoting innovation in design and marketing.
March 29, 2024

Reddit enters Wall Street: successful or risky move?

Reddit is set to go public in 2024 with an expected valuation of USD 5 billion. With 73 million daily users and $804 million in revenue by 2023, Reddit's IPO promises to be the largest in the social media industry since the launch of Snapchat. The company, which intends to turn its users into shareholders, explores new frontiers such as artificial intelligence, including a collaboration with Google
March 22, 2024

Adidas at a loss for the first time in 30 years

In 2023, Adidas recorded a loss of EUR 58 million, marking the first year in the red in more than three decades. This result was influenced by a drop in demand for sportswear in the US and the end of the collaboration with Kanye West, which had a significant impact on sales and costs
March 15, 2024

Apple and the EUR 1.8 billion fine

The European Union has fined Apple EUR 1.8 billion following a complaint by Spotify, which accused the company of abusing its dominant position through the App Store to restrict competition in the music streaming sector. The sanction reflects the EU's commitment to promoting fair competition and transparency in digital markets, with potential long-term implications for the global technology industry. Apple announced its intention to appeal, emphasising the lack of evidence of consumer harm and defending its role in the app ecosystem.
March 8, 2024

Swisscom and Vodafone: an 8 billion merger

Swisscom is finalising an EUR 8 billion deal to acquire Vodafone Italia, with the intention of merging it with its Italian subsidiary Fastweb. This strategic move aims to create a powerful player in the Italian telecommunications market, combining the mobile and fixed infrastructures of both companies to increase value and cash flow for Swisscom, while maintaining a corporate rating of at least 'A'.
March 1, 2024

The Economic Impacts of the Russo-Ukrainian War

Two years into the Russian-Ukrainian war, its global economic repercussions include disruptions in supply chains, an energy crisis in Europe, inflation and impacts on the agricultural sector. This caused a geopolitical and economic realignment and complicated the post-pandemic economic recovery, with the future still uncertain.
February 23, 2024

The versatility of Revolut: steps towards a super app

Revolut, one of the UK's leading fintechs, is expanding its reach by introducing 'Revolut Connect', a mobile phone service that marks its entry into the world of telecommunications. This initiative, together with its banking, insurance and travel booking services, brings Revolut closer to the vision of a super app. With a valuation in excess of USD 33 billion in 2022, Revolut demonstrates an unwavering commitment to innovation and to offering its users an integrated solution for their financial and travel needs, aiming for a future of further growth and expansion.